French Drains

Installation, replacement and cleaning of French drains

French drain

For your peace of mind, entrust the cleaning of your drain to Fissure ML inc. Our experienced team also installs and replaces French drains.

Choose from these products and services:

  • Elastomeric membrane – protection against humidity

  • Product installed: Roller/Brush Rubber® & DELTA®-MS

  • Protection against frost

  • Treatments for controlling iron ochre

  • Cameras for inspections

  • Drain cleaning

  • Chimney shaft maintenance

Inspection of all types of drains by camera, foundation waterproofing specialist, water infiltration and crack repair.

Durable, High-Performance Drains in Saint-Eustache

Fissures ML offers its residential customers a wide range of French drains. We will advise you on which drains have proven more durable and effective.

How does a French drain work?

Mandatory in Quebec since 1955, the installation of a French drain ensures water drainage around a building or residence. When properly installed, the French drain is very effective for:

  • the evacuation of water around the foundation walls

  • the prevention of water accumulation against the foundation walls

  • the prevention of water infiltration in the foundation walls

The water evacuated by the drain is conveyed to a sump (holding pond), which in turn discharges the water to the building evacuation system. A good quality, well installed French drain protects your house against moisture and infiltration. Poor drainage can cause a lot of damage which represents the most common hidden defects when purchasing a home.

How often should a French drain be checked?

The life span of a French drain is about 30 years, if it has been well installed, and is not blocked, damaged or subjected to iron ocher problem. To determine the status of your French drain, we perform an inspection using a camera. At the time of inspection, chimneys are also installed to facilitate regular check-ups and periodic cleaning of your drain.

Warning signs

The following situations can be indicators of a malfunction in your French drain.

Excessive humidity

You notice excessive humidity in your basement, which is increased after a rainfall or during snowmelt.

Abnormal odours and stains

You notice an unpleasant odour emanating from the basement and you see mold or fungi appear on the walls or floor.

Traces of humidity

During heavy rains, the water which is not well evacuated through the drain seeps through the joints of the foundations or slab and creates humidity spots.

Concrete efflorescence

White deposits appear on the walls or floor of your basement, indicating that water is seeping through the concrete and bringing the minerals it contains to the surface.


When water is no longer evacuated, a constant pressure is exerted on the foundation walls. This phenomenon is accentuated by the freeze and eventually bursts the concrete walls under the ground, causing ramified or star-shaped cracks.

If you think your French drain system is not working properly, you must act quickly, even more so if your basement is finished, since it becomes more difficult to detect problems when the walls and slab are hidden.

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